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Tori // Matt Parlane

In a trying-to-be-seedy haunt on the overpopulated streets of the inner north is where

you’ll find Matt Parlane (he/him), clad in blue jeans and a flannel - the coolness of which often

undercut by a ridiculous hat or accessory. Amidst the egomania and social clout of the

Melbourne music scene, Matt manages to retain a rare and humble modesty. A kind of

Stephen Malkmus meets Kurt Cobain, his music is hard to describe. A homage to indie

rock, with lyrical phrases reminiscent of a coming-of-age film. Matt yearns for love (and

sobriety) lost through inimitable melodies and, at times, rough and punkish chord

progressions. Striking throughout his work is the continuous proof of Matt’s own love for

music, new and old. But this is never highlighted through arrogance, instead Matt

encompasses the universal feelings we all share: that life is a bit awkward and

uncomfortable, but nonetheless it is pain that enables us “to write such heartfelt (halfarsed) songs”.

Find Matt's music here on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook or Spotify, or listen to his latest single below.

Words: Polly Grant Butler

Photo: Louis Oliver Roach

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