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The Crane District - New Single Out

The Crane District follows strong debut with an easy-breezy song about familiar feelings.

From the opening seconds of the new single ‘Autumn Eyes’ by The Crane District, I was transported to an all too familiar place. The soft guitar and sweet vocals of Angelo Rosas-Ortiz sent me back to a simpler time spent with friends in the summer, huddled together around a guitar without a care present.

It is only when I listened closely to the lyrics that Rosas-Ortiz’s second solo release that my smile grew wider, as it brought me back to a time of butterflies, first impressions and falling in love.

Speaking with FROCKUP, Rosas-Ortiz said the new song is a love-letter to the scary, exciting and nerve racking experience of the first few days of meeting someone special.

“It's about the really early stages of a relationship,” he said.

“The almost forever green, baby-like euphoria that you have when you start hanging out with someone and how insecure you can be. You overthink things and you can sometimes not be yourself out of fear that you might seem silly.”

Written and recorded over the past 18 months, the process of creating new music under The Crane District moniker has been a transformative one for Rosas-Ortiz, who initially doubted whether his music was ever good enough to release.

“I was tossing up for a long time whether to actually release anything,” he continued.

“There was a period where I was battling with myself thinking that maybe these songs weren't good enough to put out.

“There was also a sense that this may not be the right time to put music out. I kept thinking there was a possibility that anything I put out might just get lost in the shuffle or wouldn’t have the same reach as usual.”

After the positive reception he received after the release of his debut single ‘Thailand’, his confidence began to grow, as did his enthusiasm to continue to put out new music.

“This year has felt like a 90s coming of age movie for me,” he laughed.

“At the start of the year I was very reclusive and lacked confidence but through the experience of releasing music and having the pride of seeing your music out in the world has made me feel a great sense of achievement. Now I’m even more excited to release more music.”

With countless hours spent writing and recording in his bedroom, it’s easy to see big things, including a debut EP, could be on the horizon soon for The Crane District.

Photo By: Ameya Ajay

Written by Benjamin Hopkins

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