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STAY IN YOUR BUBBLE (for now) // Sunny Lennon

Sunny grew up moving from house to house with an artistic, eccentric mother whose passions would move from tango one year, to gospel choir singing the next. Whilst pregnant with Sunny, her mother roamed Heide Gardens and fell in love with the name Sunday Winter.

Sunny's namesake is Sunday Reed, the Australian artist who bought Heide Gardens and made it into what it is today. With her husband, Sunday formed a circle of artists who nurtured the blooming avant garden and modern art scene in Victoria in the 1940s.

It's fair to say that Sunny always dreamed of living in the art world that had captivated her from an early age. She has been heavily inspired by these passionate female figures in her life. She recently debuted in an International Women's Day exhibition in Abbotsford, surrounded by many other talented artists. She has also been selling prints of her work on Cream Town, a digital art shop that was founded to help artists who were financially affected by the lockdown of Victoria.

"This series started as a way to do something creative with my housemate, Tae within the confines of lockdown 2.0. I wanted to experiment with creating a studio environment in our Brunswick share house, so we hung a sheet from our clothesline and set up scenes in front of it. I wanted to look at the different ways I could convey a difficulty in breathing and feeling constricted. In this series, I’ve used bubble wrap and face masks to express this feeling of suffocation. For people suffering with asthma, including myself, this particular anxiety has been a constant over the past few months."

"Something that we must always remember to be grateful for is the ability to breath in strong full breaths of clean air. I also wanted to convey a comfort in staying within your circles and spending time alone, something that we have never been encouraged to do before. It’s always been that we have to do more, know more people, be more. Now, we must do less, less and less. I’ve found it to be nice here, in my bubble."


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