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Private Hideaways // Lotus West

For most teenagers, your bedroom is the one space you can really call your own. Lotus Ryder West endeavoured to explore what the bedrooms of 4 Melbourne teenagers meant to them. Whether that was a space of comfort, individuality, creativity or self expression, these spaces of intimacy shared value in the secrets they hold, the happiness they create, and love within, each teenager's own private hideaway.

“Miscellaneous, arbitrary objects that don't have much individual value, but together become my room." - Pepper
“From photos, to toys, to piled clothes, it all has a place and part in creating a visual of me.” - Babette
“My room is childish with the paintings and all but I like it like that. It reminds me of when I was younger and the fun I had painting it with my friend. The details in my room really make it feel like it is mine, like something I’ve customised over my lifetime and has evolved with my age and personality.” - Henry
“My room is a holistic sentiment to me. I surround myself with art and photographs of my parents and friends which creates my own space of comfort that reflects who I am.” - Hazel


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