Peng Cung - Dawt Nak Virus (Love Virus) // New Neighbours

Peng Cung, who goes under the name Nightstar Peng, is originally from Myanmar and now lives in Melbourne. He has written, produced and filmed his own video which we re excited to share through FROCKUP. While fittingly titled Dawt Nak Virus (translated to Love Virus), it was actually written just before the pandemic began.

Peng Cung

"The reason, I wrote this song was because of a girl that broke my heart and is sang in Hakha Chin. In the future, I want to produce more songs and music. My goal is to become a DJ. 

The title of the song is 'Dawt Nak Virus' which means 'Love Virus'.  I have translated the lyrics with my cousin, but not as we wished because it's hard to translate into English."

Love Virus - Lyrics

When we talked about love, you said you're the best for me whom I love with all my heart, babe I will never leave you, I give you my heart, forever Although you said babe you’re the only one I love, yet you also have someone else you loveYour words now vanished like a cloud that appeared and disappear When you said without you, I’m not complete. Yet, your heart has chosen to love someone elseIt’s okay, go with your heart, for you I’m just a virus (Rap part 1) When a virus enters love that’s within one person, with two hearts, hates, virus, there’s no more love between us, it’s just minusAfter you’ve broken my soft heart, all your love and your sweet words became a virus for meYou’ve broken my heart that’s full of love with your sweet words, broke it, tears it, give it anxiety and depression, you’ve left it like it’s a trashDue to the fake love you’ve given me, I’m left broken heart and yet you’ve left me for another manYou’ve changed a beautiful love into an loathe love that’s is like a virusYou’ve changed the sweetest love into a bitter love virus which you’ve left and never looked backAfter leaving with me hardship and brokenness, you’ve left me for another man and forget about meI used love you the most but now, you’re like a virus for me (Rap part 2) It’s ok, it doesn’t last, although I’m broken, I try to gain strength, trying to move on, so just go on with your life,For you, I’ve given all the love I have and everything I have, yet you covertly gave your heart to another manAll the promised we’ve made and all the things we’ve vowed, you’ve broken it like it was nothing, even before it gets into your heart and reconsider it, you’ve killed your own words like a mushroom, who knows nothing, who can’t be eaten and rolls around the streetsWhen I think back to the time when I was sitting beside you, you’ve hit my heart like a stoneIf you wish, go and live your live as you desire with your new manFor sometimes, I used to love you so much, however now, you're a virus, virus, virus