My Head Fell Off // Lukas White

Lukas is a Melbourne based Photographer who specialises in portraits. Prior to studying photography at RMIT Lukas worked in the medium of dance which is why most of his photographs explore movement shape & emotion. Lukas finds inspiration from the diverse library of music he listens to and movies he values. In this new exploration of photography he is excited to continue his creative journey & can’t wait to share more stories through images with you.

"This series of photographs are an expression responding to the current world pandemic, feelings of emptiness, confusion & isolation, explored through movement."

Longing to scream but continually moving in silence, our heads fall off with the overload of information.

Melting through the floor like butter into eternity.

A time for self-reflection, what do you see?

The never ending cycle of growth continues when the ego is left aside.

Do you walk in love…

Or do you walk in fear?

Model/Dancer Jayden wall