Mahtab Mirafsalmanshadi's Paintings // New Neighbours

"My name is Mahtab and I am from Iran. I came to Australia in 2019 and I am a student studying English at Swinburne University Croydon in the Level 2 Youth Class. 

When I was child, my dream was to be an artist and I started to paint, but my paintings weren't professional and when I grew up, I had a lot of work to do so I didn't have time to paint. 

In Australia, when lockdown started and I had to stay at home, I decided to start painting and it was a good start. First, I painted with simple pencil and then I added some colour to them. The time gave me motivation to start painting with watercolour. Now,  painting helps me to relax and be creative in life. I hope one day will come when I will be a famous artist.

I choose photos in youtube to paint. Often, I paint fantasy pictures because I like them, and they

are charming."

Mini Interview with FROCKUP

What inspired you to create your work?

Early in quarantine, I spent most of my time at home and hate wasting time. So I decided to start painting and people (my family and my friends). They encouraged me to keep going.

Does your work incorporate any elements from your country of origin?

No, I really like fantasy paintings and animations characters and I choose these to draw.

What's next for you Mahtab? What are your plans for making more art?

My plan for the future is to learn and design acrylic painting on canvas

Written by Sean Ruse