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Khai Khan Tuang - Geelong Beach // New Neighbours

Khai Khan Tuang is an aspiring videographer from Myanmar now living in Melbourne. He's studying English and teaching himself how to make videos. This video was taken down at Geelong Beach shortly before lockdown began, which has made filming new videos difficult. Khai aims to explore and record more of his new home's beautiful scenery once lockdown has been lifted. We chatted to Khai about his videos and future goals.

"My name is Khai and I come from Myanmar. I came to Australia in 2018 and I am studying English in Level 2 Youth at Swinburne Croydon. I love to take videos on my mobile phone in my spare time. It is one of my hobbies and it is really fun. I learnt how to do this by myself, through youtube and by just giving it a go. I like to edit the videos and create cinematics using 'Perfect' on my mobile phone.

I don't use much music or elements from my culture, I am more trying to learn the Australian culture. I make these videos as a way of remembering the good times we have.

I like to take videos of my friends and nature and then find music to match the video. In the future, I want to go to other places I've never seen before. I want to take beautiful videos there. I would like to study this more and practice more. It would be great to find a course to learn more things and one day I hope I can work in this industry."

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