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JV San's Video "Sunset" - New Neighbours

JV San loves to make videos that show the beauty of the world, especially the natural beauty of his new Australian home. He is an aspiring filmmaker who has taught himself how to make videos using the limited equipment he has. Due to the limitations of the COVID-19 lockdowns, he has not been able to get out and film as much as he would like, but is excited to continue refining his skills and exploring the country. JV San talked to us about his work.

"Everyone loves the beauty of a Sunset. Most couples enjoy watching the sun set and they kiss each other.  A sunset reminds us how precious our lives are. 

I wish you all to live happily with your beloved person in this short life.

I used music from my homeland. When I send this to my friends they all said that it made us remember and miss our home. I like english music, but we can't post online, because they get taken down due to copyright.

I learnt how to make videos by myself. I watched a lot of videos on youtube and facebook. I learnt through them, and asked my friends about it too.

I have bought some new equipment, so if we can get out and go to new places (outside 5km) i want to film new beautiful places. I want to show my friends that here in Australia we have some beautiful places."

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