Isolation // Charlie Anne Paino

“Charlie Anne Paino (CAP) is a Naarm-based illustrator whose often minimalist illustrations bring together live experience and imagination in a series of sweeping lines and otherworldly delineations. Armed with a sharpie, CAP’s work is above all else interpretative. What is felt in that moment is what is drawn using neutral symbolism, offering itself to any and all interpretation. You can often find CAP live-sketching at art events, a process she calls visual dot-pointing. Her method rebels against a usually persistent perfectionism: quick and impromptu drawing enables her to capture moments in time leaving no room to deliberate over mistakes, for imperfections are only part of the process. Citing Mr Squiggle as her muse, CAP’s illustrations are a conversation – with herself, with the world around her, and in telling a story to evoke an entirely subjective emotional response within another person. 

These illustrations emerged from an hour of total absorption in continuous creation, a selection of streamlined scenes which capture the creator’s time in isolation and the connection between the creative self and creation itself.”

- Written by Ivy Emily Trim  (@domestictrashbag)