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Hannah Kate "Sunday Mourning" // Single Premiere + Interview

FROCKUP is over the bloody moon to premiere Hannah Kate's new single "Sunday Mourning" . Over the past year Melbourne garage rockers Hannah Kate have been steadily rising to new and exciting heights, playing with the likes of Ali Barter, Bad//Dreems and Lime Cordiale while delivering some unique and tantalising singles along the way. Sunday Mourning is the third single from the band's upcoming debut album. To celebrate the release, frontwoman Hannah sat down (metaphorically speaking) with Sean from FROCKUP for a Q and A.

Photography by Sonny Witton

P.S. They've teamed up with Melbourne’s Roolette Records to release Sunday Mourning on a hot pink 7-inch vinyl record, pressed locally by Zenith Records. Be sure to grab yourself a copy!

Check them out here:

The song is about feeling uninspired, tired, wasting away, wasting your days (relatable). This all sounds pretty COVID lockdown-y to me, but was it? Or was this a feeling long before the world forced a stop on our lives?

I wrote Sunday Mourning way before Covid which is kinda eerie, maybe I started Covid to make the song more universally relatable... nah nah I didn't I promise, I PROMISE! I guess it's a common feeling which has just been amplified during the pandemic, it's pretty funny how relatable the lyrics are now though, the timing of the release worked well in the end!

This track is loaded with changing sounds, moods and textures. Does this reflect what you’re trying to communicate in your music, and how do you got about creating these auditory journeys?

Artwork by Kahlia Parker

Not particularly, I think it happened really naturally with this track. It started off super bare with just the guitar parts and lyrics that I wrote, and once I brought it to the band it grew and grew into this weird elaborate thing, that's usually the process with writing HK songs. I'll write the bones of it and then take it to the band, chuck the rest of the parts in there do a bit of arranging all together sometimes and then wham bam thank you ma'am you've got yourself a rock n roll song, yeehaw!

A good friend of ours Charlie Perry features in this track, it's the first song where we have a 'special guest' and it turned out so great, it was that part of the song that we didn't know was missing until it was there. Charlie and I had a chat about what the song was about and he wrote a really beautiful poem for it that sits in the middle, it really brought the whole thing together. You’ve got your debut album coming out shortly, how does this upcoming single fit into the album and the Hannah Kate repertoire as we know it?

Sunday Mourning is one of the newer tracks on the album so I think it's a pretty good example of our ~current~ sound and where we are as a band at the moment. That being said I find that the songs I write vary a lot in terms of genre and style, so I think the album will be kinda like a mixed bag of different stuff, but it'll be tied together by a few of the key elements of the band, the heart of it, if you will ;) 

Photography by Sonny Witton

Last year and leading up to Melbourne’s Lockdown you guys were performing and supporting some of Melbourne’s finest bands. What has it been like adjusting to this new pace of life?

Look i'm not gonna lie to ya it's been pretty rough, in ~real life~ I work at 2 local Melbourne pubs/music venues and on my nights off I'm either playing shows or going to see them so it's been extremely weird having to stay in every night. I'm almost used to it now though, which is scary, but fine. I think I've finally fallen into a rhythm and am able to be more productive than I was at the start. That first show when this is all over though.. it's going to be fucking magical I tell ya what.

What’s next for the band?

Our debut album is in the works so that's the next thing I reckon. Now that Sunday Mourning and the 7" is out I'm damn keen to get the rest of these songs out into the world's big tune collection. We'll be putting that one on some funky coloured wax too I reckon. Other than that hopefully we'll get back on the bloody stage some time soon and be able to play some shows, whenever that is, I'm hangin' out for it! Lastly, for good measure, which mid 2000s cartoon characters would you guys be and why? Well in the music video Tali is giving me serious Velma vibes from Scooby Doo, so there's that, and i'd like to say i'd be a cool cartoon character like Kim Possible or Daria, but I feel like i'd probably just be someone annoying like Angela Anaconda or Arthur's little sister D.W. 

Photography by Sonny Witton

Questions by Sean Ruse

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