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FROCKUP Tapes // Lemonadepasta

Off the back of his ‘On the Line’ release on Argentinian label Outsiders Records earlier this year, Melbourne/Naarm based Producer Lemonadepasta (aka Lewis Sharpe) returns with a warm 9-track LP made exclusively for FROCKUP.

Produced during lockdown in the depths of his Northcote abode, FROCKUP Tapes explores multiple variations of house music. These include the gritty rhythms found in 90’s New York, to the more polished melodies commonplace today. Although Lemonadepasta navigates multiple subgenres, there is a distinct sense of groove which ties each track into a concise collection. Sharpe’s major influences lie with ambient and lounge, which can be felt in pensive chords of ‘Vol. 5’ to the atmospheric tones taking shape in ‘Vol.2.’

Centring the production around his Roland JDXI, sweeping pads meet classic 808 and 909 sound design, allowing the simple yet effective basslines and catchy samples to be the focal point of every track. Although these vocal samples are flawlessly in tune with the overall ambience of the LP, Lemonadepasta hopes to move towards collaborations with local vocalists, to further delve into more organic soundscapes.

As a very close friend, associate and confidant of FROCKUP, we had the absolute joy of watching each track develop over the last few months, growing into the well thought out final product that it is today. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

As this release remains unmastered, it is available for free on Bandcamp and Spotify below.

Written by James Morgan

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