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FROCKUP 001 // DJ Tekneek

For the first entry in our new fortnightly mix n chat series, DJ Tekneek has turned in just shy of two hours of unadulterated , old skewl housey grooves. Rest assured it'll have you wishing you were in a dank, sweaty room somewhere (that isn't your own).

Hey Nick! Thank you for joining us here at FROCKUP, for our very first mix ! How are you keeping during these wild and untamed times? 

I’m doing good, just bored like everyone I guess. Most of all missing the dance, that part of lockdown getting to me a bit in these last few weeks but hopefully we are close to the end! Luckily got the music 2 keep me busy Tell us a little bit bout this mix you’ve blessed us with, any special tracks we should listen out for?

This one would have to be an ode to the dancefloor, expect a lot of early 90s House with a few Chicago jams thrown in for good measure. Recently been scouring tracks released in 91 and 92, the years of house music that probably would have to be my favourite. Real rhythmic stuff like Kraze/Monfou’s Voodoo Sun (Screamin’ mix) probably dictated the pace of this mix, with bangin ragga house tracks such as Nu Jacks – House Sensation (No Trouble We Mix) keeping the vibe nicely. [Re-released in January on Optimo Music and shoutout to my homie Rhys for putting this one on the Youtube webwave for all 2 listen] Towards the second half of the mix there are a few untitled tech-house throwdowns by Nathan Coles and, fast pace stuff that uses the tech-house formula in a way that one might say was typical to the late 90s, early 2000s. Always find it amusing when discovering a tech-house Jem, prove the people wrong ay. For similar stuff look up Gideon Jackson, screw the chin scratcherz!

You’ve just let the cat out of the bag RE: the very exciting  V/A you and your friend are putting out into the world! How did this all come about? 

Yes! A close friend and electro head MAC Address and I have just put out a V.A. highlighting sounds quite different to those in this mix… nonetheless! still 13 tracks from around the globe that promise to keep ur sauce levels at a healthy level. Inspired largely from the Ghettotech sounds that are coming out of Europe at the moment, the comp features 13 electro-[bass]ed sounds at varying tempos. I would have to say lockdown certainly influenced the coming about of the label, lots of time to get all the sick artists together into what I think turned out to be a great comp showcasing sum great soundz. Huge shoutout 2 all the artists involved and Corey Kikos for the mastering <3 <3

You’re putting out the comp on your label Sauce Trax, is there any main idea behind the label? It seems that you don’t shy away from embracing the more light-hearted sides of dance music The label began as an extension of the parties Sam and I were throwing under ‘Saucepan Selekta’, a party which had the main focus of listening to great music with great people. We figured there are enough serious parties happening around, so why not get saucy wid it? I think that influenced the vibe of the comp where u hear samples all the way from the Black-Eyed Peas to Darth Vader… pls don’t sue us Fergie lol <3

What’s the first thing you do once lockdown finally ends? 

Having a dance with 5 people [once we are allowed to] has been lingering on my mind as we get closer to the end of Stage 4 restrictions. Then obvs when they open we be hittin up the cluuuurrbbbb. Almost forgotten what its like to listen to loud music lol

Finally, and most importantly, which mid 2000’s cartoon character would you be and why?

Apparently Sokka from Avatar as im both facetious and sarcastic lol. According to my sister anyway, personally I would say Danny Phantom, saving the world n fighting ghosts u kno.

Photography by bonny__scott

Questions by Josh Pryor

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