FROCKUP 013 // Lizzynice (Live from Encouraging Numbers)

Lizzy on the ol' 1's n 2's at our Encouraging Numbers Party

On this episode of our humble little mix series, we leave you in the capable hands of Nuestro Planeta co-founder, super slick DJ, dispenser of excellent Twitter takes, and all-around lovely person, Lizzynice! 1.5 hours of bassy, grimey, and dubby bits with enough wheel spins to keep Vicroads happy. This recording was taken from our very own Encouraging Numbers party back in July, offering both a bittersweet reminder of the past and an optimistic view of the future.

Lizzy was also kind enough to have a little chat with the FROCKUP hive mind in which we discussed the Nuestro Planeta origin story, the recipe for a lit party, and her "sound of the summer" prediction.

Hi Lizzy, how are you?????

Hi Frock Up! I’m doing pretty good thank you. Just trying to avoid any bad feelings by hitting the merri creek as much as possible! and trying to manifest a sexy vaxxed summer for all of us

What’s the idea behind what you’re doing with Nuestro Planeta, has this changed at all over time? Nuestro Planeta was born the first time Bec (BBY.B) and I met! We bonded over a love for MC driven music, and having been around the politics of the club scene we were exposed to here, we also bonded over a shared want for places to party that weren’t so bro-heavy. We really wanted to go out to a party that didn’t exist for us at the time - so we thought we would give it a go ourselves and the rest is history! The aim was two-fold: we wanted to create a conscious platform for lifting up voices and artists that were predominantly LGBTQIA+, First Nations, Black, and People of Colour; while curating a vibey enough place that our friends wanted to go and dance. Since NP’s inception 3 years ago we’ve been refining and refreshing the platform as we grow and change too.

Do you feel like there’s more of a space in Naarm’s club scene for the bassy/hip hop sounds that NP loves these days compared to when you started out?

I think so! And I think there’s a multitude of factors leading to this shift (like 2020 being the year of bass music! - at least for me). I would be shocked to go somewhere and just hear a 4/4 beat these days. We are so exposed to bass n breaks and very high quality genre-non conforming DJs so I think that has helped this change. I also wanna shout out some friends n parties that I reckon have done the work to bring bass n rap to the club here : Umami, Dutty, Low Ton, Dooj, 1800, BLK ICE --- I love youse.

Sooo lockdowns suck, a lot of DJ's and producers have spoken about how it impacted their ability to connect with dance/n club-oriented music. Did you find this was the case for you?

Omg I miss the club so much. Yeah I totally understand this sentiment, tho I listen to a mixed bag of music every day (nothing is safe or sacred in my headphones haha). I don’t feel lockdown has affected my ability to connect with clubby sounds so much... but where it has affected me is in trying to record mixes at home. I’m not a very downtempo person, so any mix I’ve done thru lockdown is high energy and I find it’s been hard to recreate a clubby vibe on your lonesome without looking around your bedroom like…… this the vibe? Ha

You’ve been involved in throwing parties for a second now, what to you are the key elements of a super good one.

The recipe for a super good party is that people feel good, safe n comfortable being there, and that the music sounds good! It goes without saying but I will mention that I think a good party takes pride in making sure that the people they’re putting up represent the scene while also making sure that doors are opened and kept open for marginalised communities or people just starting out. NP was born because Bec and I were talking about not seeing girls behind the decks, but zoom out on that logic and it’s true for every identity marker outside of white/straight/man ~ it’s going to be a better party and people are going to feel better, safer and more comfortable if they look around and see people like them. I know it’s not always in our control as little party throwers but an accessible venue is an incredibly important element to consider and work towards. I also love a vibe change - whether that’s achieved with programming or by creating a different space outside of the PARTY vibe for re-energising with the gals.

Pls share with us one track that makes you wanna aggressively fist pump behind the DJ booth, and one that makes you wanna cry

Fist pump: imbi, Slim Set - Heatsink

Cry: El Trick - Ko Ko Dak Dak (only crying coz it sounds so damn good)

Now that the sunny months are slowly coming into sight, what do you predict will be the “sound of the summer”

Wow I am so excited for summer! Mmm never tried to predict anything before so here goes *fingers crossed*…. Okay I predict that the sound of summer will be fem driven rap :P hot girl summer is a movement and a feeling (ignited by Megan but that lives on beyond her) that can’t be stopped…. no matter how hard a pandemic might try.