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Photography by Izzie Austin

The FROCKUP Mix series returns with Love Above Records cofounder, DJ, Producer and Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Berkeley. Ryan has had a huge impact on the scene; recently celebrating 4 years of Love Above Records (alongside DJ Ingrid and previously Dawn Again) as well as DJing across too many parties to count. With the release of his 2018 debut EP on Houses in motion, it reaffirmed his talent as a producer; contrasting the lush melodies of the A side with the heavy hitting acid bassline of 'You Dance, You Move'.

The eclectic nature of Ryan’s production definitely resonates in this mix, using his adroit selections to incorporate lovely twists and turns suitable for any occasion. Subtle organic soundscapes and winding atmospherics slowly rise to uplifting house, eventually allowing for substantial basslines to take the foreground.

Ryan has kept himself very busy over the last few years, dishing out a full lockdown’s worth of listening – with mixes for Novel, Loop Dreams, For Home Use Only and Colour Club; as well as a new monthly residency on Skylab radio alongside DJ Ingrid. With a handful of unreleased material in the works, we were very lucky to have a chat with Ryan about a bunch of things music related; from upcoming events, favourite dancefloor memories and the new Sam Alfred EP which recently dropped on Love Above Records.

Hi Ryan, thanks so much for being a part of the FROCKUP mix series. How’ve you been over the last year with everything going on?

Heyo! Thanks for having me

The last year has been full on. All things considered, I've been well. It's been a turbulent year but I'm sure everyone can relate. The lockdowns have been nice in a sense, for once I have the luxury of time to work on creative endeavours.

Can you tell us a bit about the direction you went in with this mix? And are there any special tracks we should look out for?

I had a great time putting this together. When I started putting mixes together I used to be far more sporadic with my selection so I've gone back to my roots in a sense. Trying to squeeze heaps of styles and jump all over the shop. I like to try and play the songs out and try weird mixes I wouldn't typically do in a club setting. Some new and old stuff. Alex Albrechts new album at the start. I played Hed Ardennes - Hunched which is out on Local Knowledge on a 10''. Oli from the label said this track sounded great on 33pm and i gave it a go!

I recently saw you and DJ Ingrid play at Outta Range, a small festival run by one of the minds behind Dance Flaws. It was certainly a surreal experience being back at a doof, what was it like playing at one after such a long time without them?

Woo! yeah Outta Range was really great fun. I concur, it was surreal. In one sense it felt like we were straight back to our old ways but also it made me appreciate how much time has passed since I got to sit in a camping chair, crack a tinnie and watch it all unfold. That was nice. As far as playing it was super sick to play through a system again, particularly using the live rig, it's not the same playing the set at home.

Alongside DJ Ingrid and Dawn Again, you started Love Above back in 2016 as a party series, which eventually evolved into a label in 2019. What was the initial idea behind your parties back then?

Going back to the start, it originated as a weekly party at Glamorama, we did about 35 parties there and had so many amazing guests through the doors. It was a playground for us to try new records and songs each week and get to play deep into our collections.

Are there any local artists or crews you’ve been loving lately? Or any parties you’re keen to check out in the coming months?

With gigs so uncertain at the moment there's a few parties I was looking forward to that are up in the air. I am looking forward to Hopkins Creek in November.

I'm digging Sam Alfreds new music, super talented producer. We're lucky to be putting his new EP out on Love Above on August the 4th. I've loved everything the team at Vessel have done. Sam Sedwicks new venture S2i Recordings is worth checking out, he's always keeping things fresh, this time with a new zine 'Obsession'. Also Dolphin Flip are putting some super classy techy magic out.

Do you have a favourite musical memory from either the booth or the dancefloor?

I always miss the Lounge dance floor. I remember seeing Fred P on the Sunday night at the final weekend before the doors shut (RIP), the energy was insane and the music even better. That was definitely a magical moment for me.

I'll always have fond memories of DJ'n the first Hopkins Creek!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. But before you go, what’s next for you?

Always keeping busy with Love Above, lots going on there. I've got a release dropping with Lush Life soon on Inner Sauce Records and a song on a VA later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled for a live/hybrid set im doing with DJ Ingrid for Leaps and Bounds Festival, new date being announced soon (bloody COVID)

To Keep up to date with Ryan, follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud. Also check out Love Above records on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Photography by Izzie Austin

Words + interview by James Morgan

Design by Ivy Rose

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