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FROCKUP 009 // Mabel

Photography by @wolfgang_thewolf

After a brief hiatus, the FROCKUP mix series returns for another season, kicking things up with the incredibly talented DJ/Producer/Void founder, Mabel (she/her). Mabel delivers an hour of pitched down techno, winding in between eerie synths and warpy basslines. This 85bpm exploration into complex soundscapes provides for haunting listening, but in all the right ways.

Over the past year Mabel has curated loads of impressive line-ups for her events series Void, creating a platform to represent the "talented ass women and local emerging artists to play to an accepting crowd". If you've never been to a Void party before, we highly recommend checking the next one out tomorrow night at Colour. Providing all ingredients for a good night, from a welcoming, familiar crowd to well thought out bookings, Void has deservedly joined the ranks of Naarm's best up and coming events.

Aside from these meticulously crafted parties, Mabel has featured alongside fellow local legends (and some of our fave artists) DJ Netburner, Loif and House Mum across Club Lonely, Daydreams and Inertia parties!! We're all very excited to see the amazing things that Mabel keeps on doing in the future, but until then please enjoy this mix she's kindly put together for us.

Hi Mabel, thanks so much for being a part of the FROCKUP mix series. How’ve you been over the last year with everything going on?

Thanks for having me!! The last year for me has been bizarre but also relatively constructive. The hardest part so far has been more recently, adapting back into real life, routine, and especially partying.

Can you tell us a bit about the direction you went in? And are there any special tracks we should look out for?

This mix is actually one of my favourites because I was yet to go in this direction. My brand is usually rapid tempos and spooky textures, however I wanted to really appreciate the sounds in the music I showcase so I decided to go for a super slow approach where each tune is more inviting and intricate. Two songs to listen out for, one being the opening track, are from techno duo Hedström & Pflug. I discovered them recently and was instantly hooked on their dark, dreamy energetic rhythms.

Photography by @heyitsluke__

In early 2020 you started Void, hosting Thursday night events at Colour featuring the likes of Pretty Girl, Maad, DJ Self Esteem, Suite 909 and many other local artists. What was the initial vision of Void and is there a certain direction you hope it takes moving forward?

I’m very proud of Void! It will always be a party for the people. I was noticing a disconnect in the night club scene between promoters and their patrons, so I wanted to break down that wall and reintroduce an atmosphere that was social and vibrant. I was noticing an even bigger disconnect when it came to the curation of DJs within the scene. I wanted to create a platform with Void for talented ass women and local emerging artists to play to an accepting crowd and really let loose. The next Void is on Friday the 14th of May and includes a b2b from myself and Monfreaq as well the amazing Rev Lon, Handle Soundsystem and DJ Aime. The future of Void is ever changing! But the main concept will always remain.

Earlier this year you put up an amazing track titled ‘Slutmosphere’. Do you have any other unreleased gems in the works?

Short answer, yes! I have been heavily inspired by a lot of music recently and have been working on a track of a similar genre. I am excited by the direction of my sound as I think it’s beginning to translate how I’ve intended.

Photography by @heyitsluke__

Are there any local artists or crews you’ve been loving lately? Or any parties you’re keen to check out over the coming months?

I have been obsessed with t-n!! She’s a Naarm DJ that epitomises everything I enjoy in dance music. I love powerful techno and ghettotech so I was it was constant bass face when I saw her play at Sub Club a couple weeks back.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. But before you go, what’s next for you?

I couldn’t answer, but I am genuinely excited to find out. I’m certain that if the right people listen to what I’m putting out they will understand my passion toward music. I’m starting to surround myself with some seriously talented people and with that I am improving immensely so my short terms goals include releasing more Mabel sounds and playing at way more parties. I am looking forward to it! Thanks again for having me :-)

Artwork by Ivy Rose

To keep up to date with Mabel, follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud. You can also check out the event for the upcoming Void event here.

Photography by @wolfgang_thewolf and @heyitsluke__

Artwork by Ivy Rose

Words + Interview by James Morgan

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