FROCKUP 006 // Nebula

Photography by Loni Jeffs

Although this year has been incredibly difficult for all, Nebula has not let the lasting trepidation hold them back. Releasing a handful of well thought out mixes that showcase the darker side of electronic music, each selection is sure to remind you of those sweaty, unventilated rooms we’re all longing to be back in. From their mix for their very own Neurocrank series, to the closing set at Sub Club (where they form 2/3 of the Neurocrank collective alongside Allure), Harrison and Billy certainly aren’t afraid to mix outside the box. The 2 hour mix they’ve kindly put together for us is certainly no exception, traversing hypnotic trance and warpy techno with ease, as well as adding one of their very own productions in there. It makes for the perfect soundtrack to your 10 person socially distanced park parties (held responsibly of course.)

On top of their own mixes, their Neurocrank collective have adapted to the restrictions on physical events, with a well curated series featuring both local and international gems, such as Yollks, DJ Minty and Anderson. Although this is certainly hitting the spot for now, we all can’t wait to see what Neurocrank put on in the future, after a promising run of events saw the likes of Emma Stevenson, River Yarra and a nice little b2b from Fibre Optixxx and Jazz play across their Boney and Sub Club parties.

But that’s not all, tomorrow at 6PM we’re very lucky to have Harrison of Nebula, alongside fellow Melbourne/Naarm based artist, DJ Netburner for a new fortnightly show ‘KISSNTELL’ on FROCKUP radio, under their freshly formed HIBISCUSKISS alias. This will certainly not be one to miss.

Hi Harrison and Billy, thanks so much for being a part of the FROCKUP mix series. First of all, how’ve you been coping during these wild times?

Hey! Thanks so much for having us. We have been pretty good thanks. Whilst it has been such a tough year, we feel really lucky to have had music to keep us occupied and positive during the past few months! Even though we couldn’t mix and hang out like normal, having each other to talk and send music too during lockdown defiantly kept our spirits high.

Could you tell us a bit about the mix? You mentioned that you wanted to showcase tracks you have found and made during lockdown; can we expect to hear any unreleased Nebula scattered throughout?

We had so much fun putting together this mix. We have recently been obsessed with very minimal deep and warpy sounds, which unsurprisingly became the main theme of this mix. We have been really fascinated by songs which make the most of the few sounds included. I think in the second half of the mix you can really tell that we have been missing the club, venturing into more proggy trance territory. Yeah! There is one of our own tracks hidden somewhere in the mix hehe ;) Lockdown has been such a good opportunity to put time towards learning to produce, we are definitely obsessed haha

The mix series you curate for your very own Neurocrank collective is incredibly eclectic. Not only showcasing the amazing talent in Naarm/Melbourne but also featuring international artists such as Manchester based DJ Poison Ivy and US artist Anderson. What do you look for when selecting such a broad range of artists and are there any sounds or genres you’re looking to eventually explore in the future?

I think our mix series represents how eclectic our and Chris’s (who we run Neurocrank with) taste is. We curate the mix series based on what sounds and deejays we are loving at a specific time. We have been so lucky to be able to have had some of our favourite deejays contribute to the series, whether they be some of our extremely talented friends or international artists. I think in the future we just want to the series to continue representing whatever we are into at that specific time.

Photography by Loni Jeffs

What’s the first party you’d like to go to after lockdown? Are there any Naarm/Melbourne DJs you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

H: Great question. I think I am most excited to go to a Cassiopeia park party. Always such a fun time, and nothing beats a park party haha. Deejay wise, I am so excited to see Moopie. My favourite deejay for sure!

B: For me I think it would have to be a Lucid party. Have had so many great memories at their events over the years! In terms of deejeys, I am particularly looking forward to seeing Sleep D. They are definitely one of our biggest influences, both DJ and production wise.

What’s next for you? Have you been working on any other upcoming projects under Nebula or for Neurocrank?

I think next for Nebula is to continue to focus on learning to produce, as well as mixing and digging as much as possible. We are actually moving out together at the end of the year, which is going to be a great opportunity to mix and produce together every day! In regard to Neurocrank, we can’t wait to be able to throw parties and play out again (when it’s safe to do so). In the meantime, we are going to continue to focus on curating our mix series :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat with us. But before you go, my producers have informed me that I’m legally obligated to ask our infamous FROCKUP final question. What early 2000s cartoon character are you most similar too and why?

Thanks so much for having us! Haha great question… We think we are most similar to Appa and Momo from Avatar. We can’t decide who’s who, but their cute relationship is definitely similar to the one between us :)

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Words and interview by James Morgan

Artwork by Ivy Rose