FROCKUP 005 // DJ Luv You

When this humble mix series was first hashed out a few months back, DJ Luv You’s name was one of the very first discussed by FROCKUP’s shadowy overlords. So, it brings me great joy to present to you, FROCKUP 005 DJ Luv You! I first caught DJ Luv You (aka Ophelia) gracing the 1’s and 2’s one sunny, aperol spritz filled afternoon at Daydreams. Ophelia’s infectious love for soulful and groovy disco and boogie sounds immediately struck a major chord with me. Little did I know at the time that it would prove to be the last Daydreams of the season, and my last dance for quite some time.

Taking a slight departure from the sounds that you may know and love from their online mixes and excellent Skylab program, Ophelia’s turned in a mix peppered with moments that invoke that long lost feeling of dancefloor bliss. Expect unrelenting grooves and memorable vocals, culminating in a mash-up that would put Girl Talk to shame. Dig in!

Hi Ophelia! How are you? First off, tell us a bit about the mix you’ve kindly assembled for us here. How and where was it recorded, and what do you think would be the ideal settings in which to enjoy it ?

Hii I’ve been rather good as of late :-) thanku for inviting to be part of the series, it gave me a chance to explore some musical ideas that I tend to keep to myself. It was lovely to have a bit of fun with it and play a selection of house records I’ve been collecting over the last year or two as well as one or two humorous edits hehe! This lil selection is an ode to missing the dance floor at house parties and should be enjoyed as such, building from a light conversation with a glass of wine into bodies melding into one cosmic rhythm.

I’m a sucker for a good origin story, I was wondering how you first found yourself venturing into the wild world of deejaying ?

Living in Berlin and London last year I got to experience some magical dance floor moments and I got the urge to try to bring back some of that energy of disco’s resurrection here and see how a new generation of queer people can continue a dialogue with the genre that gave so much to pride. So I started collecting and ended up bringing two suitcases of records back with me, and from there hustled quite a lot to get a few bar gigs before I got to play an opening set at Daydreams and begin my lil residency broadcasting monthly shows on Skylab.

You certainly seem to have something of a penchant for the groovy/soulful sounds of disco/boogie and the like! I was wondering what is it that you think draws you to these sounds the most?

Growing up in a house full of jazz and soul albums with a father who owned and worked at several record stores, those sounds seemed to have seeped into my consciousness and stuck. For me music is a human experience of feeling and emotion and to me the classical sounds of disco and boogie are able to capture and share those sentiments and glorious moments more than a track produced with computers and quantised machines will ever be able to do. Not to say that I don’t enjoy those sounds too, this mix being an example of such, but that experience of pure joy and excitement of hearing something made by human hands and instruments is something I find completely fulfilling.

What’s been inspiring and motivating you lately? This period has obviously been one in which for many it has been incredibly difficult at times to stay motivated particularly with creative pursuits

I’ve definitely struggled with losing those lovely and slightly intoxicated conversations at art openings and gigs where you get to hear and share the things you’ve been contemplating and working on. But I’ve also found this time very grounding and it’s given me the space I needed to really listen and engage with new voices and ideas from within.

A few months back you (along with friends??) launched Commune Radio, your very own online radio station. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the idea behind it and how it has gone so far ?

It’s an anxious but I think potentially exciting time for our music scene here in Naarm and through commune radio we are really hoping to be able to create some joyful and lighthearted moments while we all try to recover. Our aim is to host small events in the near future when we can create an environment to share ideas and have important conversation about what musical journeys we can collectively move towards from here.

We’ve been excited to launch a lil mix series of our own, with selections from womxn, non-binary and queer folk, with which we’re hoping to build from, bringing together both experienced and first time selectors to share 1 hour 11 minute and 11 seconds odysseys for summertime listening. Our other project in the works brings together esoteric spiritualism and ambient soundscapes filled with spoken word, poetry, dreams, motifs of the tarot, astrological forecasts and plant remedies.

What mid 2000’s character do you think you would be, and why (this is important) .

Hehe I spent a long time and several discussions with housemates on this. I think I identify quite strongly with Tara Maclay from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I relate to her queer and witchy energy. We are both quite shy, gentle and soft spoken but very caring and intensely passionate and rational from within.

To keep up with DJ Luv you you can check out their Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud

Image Ophelia Bakowski

Words Josh Pryor