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FROCKUP 004 // Siri

As the days get longer and the budget gets shoddier, we continue to move towards a COVID normal summer. One hopefully filled with two things; just the right amount of “live, laugh, love” (Kmart, 1922) and a whole lot of appearances by Naarm/Melbourne via Bangkok artist Siri. With clause #2 in mind, we present FROCKUP 004.

You may have seen Siri’s impressive visuals featured across respected Powertrip and Liquid Architecture parties over the last few years, becoming a sort after figure in Naarm/Melbourne’s left-field electronic scene. However, on top of this Siri is also a very talented DJ, releasing a line of compelling mixes during lockdown; including one for well-known label and party series, Anterograde.

We are a little lost for words with this mix, where Siri’s meticulously constructed exploration into experimental guarantees for evocative listening, as he seamlessly negotiates BPM, genre and mood. Each selection is as intelligent as it is unique, blending eerie vocals with claustrophobic static, before reaching a crescendo of all out sonic hostility. However, let it be known, this is in the absolute best way possible.

Siri also unashamedly executes a Tony Hawk inspired 900 from Meg 4x4’s skillful house focused display last fortnight. We could not be more excited to share Siri’s mix, as we hope to curate a series that showcases the many different avenues of our beloved scene, in turn reflecting the uncertainty of the current climate in the process.

Hi Siri, thanks so much for being a part of the FROCKUP mix series. First of all, how’ve you

been coping during these wild times?

Thank you for having me, I really appreciate it. I have been pretty good, been chilling at home and

going out for walks and running sometimes, digging for new music and learning new cooking skills at home. hehe

Could you tell us a bit about the mix? Any tracks in particular we should look out for?

For this mix, I am focusing on mixing experimental sound from sound artists, including sound

design, sound art, and ambient rather than dance music. I am really interested in ambience which is silence based and am experimenting with it in this mix and future mixes. You will hear interesting

sounds, noise, glitch and ambient tracks. Personally, I really like the dimension of sounds, how sound surrounds us and how the artist experiments with this to create space and texture. I really like every track in my mix but I recommend looking out for these three:

1. Papillon - La pieuvre Géante du Pacifique feat. Yannick Dauby; experimental sound with vocal +

traditional instrument music at the end part of the track

2. Atom head – Vortex (one of Jan Robbe’s projects); interesting speed core, glitchy, alien and it is

the fastest heaviest track in this set as well

3. die Reihe - Section IV; vocal track with the dialog explaining how the sound is created from


You are also known for your stunning visuals which have featured at many established

venues across Naarm/Melbourne; including Crazy arms (☹), Sub Club, Loop Bar and Colour

across Hodge Podge and Powertrip parties, just to name a few. Do you think your history as

a visual artist has influenced your exploration into the experimental side of electronic music?

Thanks so much for saying that. Yes, my visual artwork led me into the experimental and techno

scene which encouraged me to explore the endless possibilities of experimental music as well. I like to find different ways to experiment with visuals and projections, using different software and

equipment to make glitch and digital art stuff. It started when I got the chance to do visuals in an

experimental gig in Bangkok. I enjoyed it so much and started to meet and collaborate with many

local and international artists there and now, here. While I am doing visuals, I am learning music at

the same time so it’s like a two-way communication. I listen to music, learn about it as a script and

interpret it into visuals and vice versa.

What has been your biggest achievement since moving to Naarm/Melbourne and becoming

involved in the scene? Are there any dream venues or artists that you’d love to work with if

you had the chance?

I had the most fun doing visuals (projection mapping on found objects) at a warehouse party for

Anterograde and Powertrip in January. I had a time limit to get everything done and had to

improvise with materials I found around the abandoned building and it turned out great. The party overall was so good and I had a great time, people enjoyed it and I am so grateful to be involved in it. I would like to do visuals at another underground party in the future. Another achievement since moving here was the Liquid Architecture event. I did visuals in the

same gig as my favourite artist ‘MSHR’, from the USA, who inspired me to start doing visuals

since being in uni. I’m also interested in doing visuals at historic Melbourne venues one day, like the

Tote (haha) and Hamer Hall.

You recently mentioned in an interview with Blozxom, that you were interested in working

towards an “audio-visual set in the future” as well as trying to produce your own music.

Have you spent much time on these two projects during the lockdown period? Or are there

any other upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

I’ve been working on a set that uses an audio-visual interactive program that creates new types of

visuals from sound input. I’m also currently learning to use Ableton and the M-20 synthesizer. It’s all

really new to me and I am still developing a style that works with my visuals. For the most part of

lockdown I have been focussing on learning a lot of new skills rather than producing things, and

improving my work/ life balance. I’ve recently been preparing a minimal noise set as a guest

presenter for HKCR radio (Hong Kong Community radio).

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat with us. But before you go, I must ask the

infamous FROCKUP final question. What 2000s cartoon character are you most similar

too and why?

Haha I had to ask my friends for the answer to this question. I think I am similar to ‘Armin Arlert’

from the Attack on Titan because he is poor at sport and shy, but is really organized and thoughtful. He is considerate and cares a lot for his friends.

Photography by Jake Bonin

Keep up to date with Siri on his Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Words and interview by James Morgan

Artwork by Ivy Rose

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