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FROCKUP 003 // Meg 4X4

For the next instalment of the world's hottest new mix series, we are very excited to present FROCKUP 003, courtesy of Meg 4x4. You might've seen Meg gracing the decks at a range of beloved parties such as Primer, Daydreams or Revolver. With her keen ear and varied taste in music, Meg is able to traverse genre and BPM as readily as the trusty Land Rover Defender takes to the rugged terrain of the Victorian high country. In this house-driven mix, Meg treats us to a range of sounds that land firmly in the right end of the feel-good spectrum. We were lucky enough to listen to it during last weekend's burst of beautiful weather, and it certainly made an ideal soundtrack to an afternoon of sun, charcuterie and exactly two glasses of Rose. Although sadly the weather today isn't playing ball, I advise you to turn the heating up, close your eyes and crank this mix.

Hey Meg, thanks so much for contributing to our humble mix series. How’ve you been lately? 

Hello! Thanks so much for inviting me and I’ve been really great, thank you. The past few weeks have brought about a nice change for me, and being asked to do this mix has provided me with a sense of direction with my music again. I moved house last week so I’m now living in an amazing house with some of my best mates. My life was getting pretty mundane during lockdown. Not being able to spend quality time with my nearest and dearest was really getting to me, as I’m sure everyone in Melbourne would agree, but I’ve got a lot more reasons to be positive lately!

Tell us a bit about the mix you’ve made for us, how and where was it recorded ? What do you think would be the ideal settings in which to enjoy it ? 

I had a lot of fun with this mix. It mainly bounces around different styles of house, including acid house which is always a favourite for me, with the 303 being one of the best sounds ever. A bit of UK Funky in there as well as some very sick percussion-based tunes from the likes of Anunaku and DJ Plead, both of whom I’m rinsing at the moment.

It was recorded the day before I moved! Everything was packed up apart from the decks, but I was really keen to finish it then in that apartment where I’d prepared the tunes. The set up in our old apartment was in our living room and it was a really nice environment with huge west-facing windows. Golden hour every evening was absolutely LIT and the perfect place to be mixing feel-good tunes. 

The IDEAL setting I reckon would be on a boat, in the middle of the Adriatic, with all your mates, giving it a massive shove... But in 2020 I guess the best circumstance to listen would be in your sunny backyard on a lovely weekend afternoon, with Jimmy Brings doing his thing and Uber Eats on the way.

For a bit of background, what caused you to first dip your toes into the waters of dance music ? 

I’ve always been quite musical. From growing up playing a few classical instruments, I think I have an ear for tunes that appreciates a lot of genres. Since I was a kid, I loved all the 90s dancefloor classics and they’re still my favourite today, I think I got that from my dad’s good taste in music. I started DJing a couple of years ago because, for as long as I can remember, at festivals or nights out, or just at a cafe, whenever I’d hear music, I always sang other tunes over the top and thought they would go really well together. Then people were like- that’s just djing, surely you should give it a go. My boyfriend and I went halves on some cheap turntables, the oldest mixer you’ve ever seen and a pair of computer monitors, as he wanted to learn to Dj for ages as well. We spent ages just mixing the same few records. 

What’s your approach to recording a mix? I’ve noticed you seem to be pretty adept at incorporating a wide range of different genres. Do you tend to go in with a pretty set plan, or do you prefer to keep it loose and see where it takes you? I imagine it must be quite different to playing live where you can go off the energy of the room 

I usually start quite slow and work my way up a few bpms.

It’s definitely very different to playing live as you get to choose the vibe, which is fun. Without a crowd you get to put on whatever you want for an hour and hopefully the listeners enjoy the experience. I had a lot of ideas for where to take this mix, as I love such a huge variety of tunes, but for this one, I just recently bought a song on Bandcamp which I am obsessed with, so that helped to set the tone. It’s the third tune- Friendly pressure, an edit by ‘Lego Edit’, I just cannot stop singing the melody! I’ve loved the first tune of the mix for a while as well, so thought I’d showcase that in there as an opener. I like to plan as much as I can, sorting out a playlist in rekordbox with the tunes I think I might want to use. When I start playing, I just think about what tunes sound good together or what ones are in a similar key but not caring about being the same genre or bpm really. I am a sucker for playing tunes a lot quicker or slower. I try to really be creative with fusing different sounding tunes together which most of the time can sound a bit too obscure, but sometimes I think I find good combinations!

Now that we are (fingers crossed) seeing something of a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, what are the dance floors that you’re most keen to be playing for /dancing in once we can

I am absolutely gutted that Hopkins Creek won’t be going ahead in November, it’s the main party weekend of the year. So Hopkins 2021, is the event that I am most looking forward to. As for playing, I am absolutely chomping at the bit to be playing a party set again like my closing set at my friend’s event at Dr Morse, which was the last send-off before lockdown back in March! I am really hoping that I’ll be able to play Revolver again when clubs open in the future, but like everyone, I’m unsure how the clubbing scene will pan out as it seems like the music scene is least prioritised with opening again in the government’s eyes.

But more than any of this, I am looking forward to playing at mine and my mates, with all of us over. My friend and I had a sick, shared birthday house party last year, which we wanted to make a yearly event, so we’re all very gutted that’s not on the cards this time around, but I’m definitely looking forward to shared experiences at friends homes again, as well as public dance floors. Hopefully, the rule for 5 people over will happen in October or November!

Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for 2020 (and beyond) you can tell us about ? 

One plan I’m wishing with my heart and soul will pull through is that we’ll be able to fly again next year, so I can go back and see my family and friends in the UK for their summer, as I was meant to this year. One of my friends is getting married and has asked me to DJ at their wedding so that will hopefully be pretty exciting and special for me.

On a more serious note, what mid 2000’s cartoon character would you be, and why?

Not anyone that was established in the 2000s, but definitely a very prominent character of this era, Lisa Simpson, because she’s empathetic, speaks her mind, is passionate about caring for the environment and loves jazz!

Image by Jimbo Jones

Words by Josh Pryor

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