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FROCKUP 002 // Kaytseng

Kaytseng delivers a creative and well thought out mix for FROCKUP, consisting of tense electro, cutting-edge breaks and one perfectly Incorporated Rick Ross edit. Over the years, Kaytseng has featured on some very impressive line-ups, supporting the likes of Mama Snake, Shedbug and Hemlock Ladder across Lefag, HER 他, Pharos and LOADING_ERROR parties. Although we’re counting down the days until we can see her play again, we had a chat about her upcoming projects and the Naarm/Melbourne scene to tide us over.

Hi Kaytseng, thanks for joining us for the second edition of the FROCKUP mix series. What’s the general idea behind this mix?

For this mix I put together some of the most recent finds that reflect my style of the past couple of years. This time though I chose not play any of my typical techno/trance/psy for a change and I actually quite enjoyed it!

Last November you opened for Mama Snake at Sub Club, run by LOADING_ERROR. Was it nerve racking opening for someone as iconic as Mama Snake?

Yes, it surely was! However it was an experience that I will never forget. At that time Mama Snake was already one of my favourite DJs and source of inspiration. Since the day I got offered to play by Anis (Different Shades), a couple of months ahead of the gig, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. One moment I was super excited and another I was freaking out! And if I have to be entirely honest, my hands were quite shaky during that gig!

What’s the music scene like in Taiwan? Are there any similarities to the scene in Naarm/Melbourne?

I personally haven’t been back home that much since I moved here 8 years ago but I can tell that in recent years Taiwan’s scene has changed a lot, in a positive way and it is slowly becoming similar to the one we have over here. Event organisers in my hometown, Taipei, are now introducing a lot more local, undiscovered talents as well as international artists compared to what they used to before I left. Back then instead you would see line ups with the same well-established local DJs mostly every weekend.

What’s next for you as a DJ and are there any projects you’re currently working on during lockdown?

To be honest my next steps are a bit of a mystery for myself too. I think the current situation has definitely created a big feeling of uncertainty about the future of live music events as well as the future in general. In the past few months it has also been quite challenging for me to find inspiration. Thankfully though I have been invited to make mixes for a few podcast series and online radio shows, including yours, and I am very grateful for this because it has given me lots of motivation to keep doing what I love the most.

What’s the first party you’d like to go to after lockdown? Are there any Naarm/Melbourne DJs you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

My last party before the lockdown was the debut of HER 他 at Crazy Arms, I would love that to be also my first one after this incredibly long abstinence! There was something about the people, the music and the vibe of that party which was simply magical!

Yes absolutely, out of the Naarm/Melbourne talents I’d definitely love to see Dj Burnout, Claudia Sin, Eloyse, Spiderdog and many more!

Finally, and most importantly, which 2000s cartoon character are you most similar too?

Buttercup in Powerpuff Girls: bad temper, little, cute and psycho, sounds a lot like me!

Photography by Freddy

To keep up to date with Kaytseng's music, follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Soundcloud

Artwork by Ivy Rose

Words and Interview by James Morgan

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