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Euphony Music // Ascension

The lockdown mix series to real-life event pipeline takes on another member tonight as Euphony music make their official club debit at the Toff in Town! With a super tight lineup featuring the likes of Suki, Yolkks and RIkcy Nord, it is shaping up to be a fitting debut for one of the more consistent operators in the online mix series sphere.

We were lucky enough to have a short but sweet chat with the minds behind the enterprise ahead of the event tonight, have a read here!

First up, could you give us a bit of an insight into Euphony. Who are you? How'd it start? How's it going?

Euphony was started by Jack Hare and Jayden Gabell about 2 years ago as a way of immersing ourselves in the Naarm music scene. The aim was to do our own soundcast and have up and coming artists on for guest mixes. It has grown into a weekly mix every Friday and we have now had over 60 artists record mixes for us.

With Jayden stepping back from Euphony We got Danielle on board and she has been a huge help in bringing Euphony to life with our debut event.

You guys have had the mix series steadily ticking away for some time now, with a fairly wide array of names and sounds across the board. I was wondering if you guys have any specific approach to putting it together?

Our approach is simple. We love listening to a wide variety of electronic music and didn’t want to pigeon hole ourselves to just one specific sound. We have had heaps of different types of mixes and there really is something for everyone. There is so much local talent and it’s been great to get to know them all more. Also branching out and having a few internationals on has been really fun too.

The big club debut is coming up this Friday at the Toff in Town, Tell us about it?

We are so excited about our debut event on the 18 of february at The Toff. The idea has been on our minds for awhile, we were waiting for the perfect time to throw this event. The execution has been fairly quick, which is both nerve wrecking and exciting, but a lot of work has gone into ensuring it is executed perfectly and we can create a safe space for people to come together and dance.

We have booked some of our favourite local Naarm talent, which will bring a diverse crowd to the event. Our lineup reflects the mixes that have been released on Euphony, which traverse through many genres, so that there is a style which relates to everybody in the crowd. The dj’s will be playing music ranging from techno to breaks, trance and electro.

We have Winnie the Wu, Ricky Nord, Yollks, NAK and Suki all playing. We wanted our first event to go out with a bang, therefore we have booked the toff to hold this event, which is a beautiful venue. We have also worked with The Toff to create an intimate set up, which reflects the likes of a boiler room.

All proceeds are being donated to Djirra, a local organisation working to educate and protect those experiencing family violence. We are stoked to be collaborating with this organisation, as it is a topic that we care about greatly. We wanted this event to focus on community, connection and collaboration. To do this, we have also worked with incredible Naarm designers for visuals and moving graphics, which will provide a psychedelic experience at the event.

Any events/parties you guys have enjoyed yourselves lately?

We are loving the local rave scene coming out of Naarm at the moment. Post lockdown has seen so many incredible events being thrown, we are loving that collectives and record labels are throwing their own events. The copious amount of events means there is something for everyone, as they each showcase various dj’s, genres and styles. There is no lack of genre in the scene and that's incredible. We are loving the Miscellania events and events thrown by Novel. A favourite place to enjoy music has to be Abbortsyard that has recently opened up in Richmond where they are showcasing dj’s on various nights of the week. This approach is so fun and collaborative.

Finally, any future exciting plans you can spill the beans on.

We have lots of plans in the works after Ascension. Ideally we want to continue to grow Euphony in collaboration with social enterprises and not for profit organisations based in Naarm. We want to collaborate with them and hold events where people can come together and enjoy their favourite music whilst also being exposed to and educated on topics that are of importance to the Naarm community. We want our friends and the broader community to reconnect post covid-19, whilst also coming together for a good cause.

We are in the talks at the moment with various Naarm collectives to hopefully throw joint events together. A few of these are in the works at the moment so watch out for these in the future.

Our focus is on connecting the community, and using the raw talent in this city to do so. We want to broadcast the amazing talent that is out there and continue to showcase up and coming artists.

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