Cobra Cane // Bad Bad Good (Scuderia)


Cobra Cane has been keeping very busy, turning the uncertainty and frustration of the last few years to create a 6 track raw and gritty EP. This project is a combination of Oliver Kohlenberg on vocals, Claudia Landi on synthesizers and Luciano Lamanna on bass and through combining each artists sound and musical stylings, the final product features elements of hardcore, experimental and metal in the best way possible. A commentary on aspects of the Melbourne 'scene' and the anger felt during the lockdowns, this raw aggression can be felt through each track, as well as being undeniably clear in the music video for Cathlic Killa. As Oliver himself put it, this record is a "Raw Sound for Raw Times", and I think that sums it all up perfectly.

We were very lucky to have a chat with Oliver from Cobra Cane about the project in more detail and the inspiration behind it, as well as the many plans they all have in the works moving forward.

Hi Oliver, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. How’ve you been over the last few years with everything going on?

No worries I’m happy to be talking about music again it’s been a hot minute. What a shit show 2 years of lockdown Melbourne became some sort of apocalyptic human hell no money no work if you didn’t become a drug addict congratulations.

Congratulations on your upcoming EP - the overall driving energy, interesting lyrics and unique amalgamation of multiple hardstyle subgenres makes for a truly well thought out release. Could you tell us a bit more about what this record means for you?

It got me out of bed during lockdown and gave me some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't of asked for a better project for the time and place, such a raw sound was perfect for Raw times.

It was a great time to start writing again.

Listening to the same beats over and over and over in my bedroom almost psychotic.

This record gave me some sort of peace.

We’re a sucker for origin stories and were very interested to hear that 2/3 of Cobra Cane are based in Rome. How did you all form and where did the name Cobra Cane come from?

I've never met landi or Luciano, I just hit them up on instagram.

We wrote the Track β€œGH6S7 β€œ then decided to make the record.

We speak over voice messages and if we ever get stuck we will make the odd phone call.

Full matrix project they make the beats I do the vocals bish bash bosh.

The name Cobra Cane came from a really dodgy shop I used to walk past on Wellington Street, "Cobra Cane open 8 days a week "

Definitely a heroin front.

A favourite for me on this EP is Cathlic Killa. I really love how it combines heavy hitting kicks and gripping vocals whilst still perfectly communicating a sense of aggression. What sparked this track’s creation?

I was angry washing dishes for a job.

Stressed Drinking a lot of whisky and had some stupid wanna be gangster fuckboys in my circle that didn't make life easer.

It was a bad time in my life.

Landi and Luciano sent me the Track and I was stuck on it for a few weeks.

My homie Human nature finished an art peace called "Life is a mirror God is a trickster".

It inspired me and fit the time so I asked him and then added to it.

"Life is a mirror God is a trickster who do you see when you see in the mirror all I see is a cathlic killa"

Go watch the film clip.

Logo by BLSSND

Going into making this EP, was there anything you wanted to achieve? Or did it come about in a more experimental and organic process?

It was always going to be a hardcore record.

That's why it was perfect to work with landi and Luciano - punk and gabber sit well together, it has that nervous violent energy.

It's Raw and real .

No one wants a boo hoo record after covid.

Has your relationship with making Β­Β­music changed since working on this record? Is there anything you’d take to future releases?

Don't rely on anyone to work for free if you expect it finished in the next 10 years.

Don't expect your friends to see your vision.

Work with people that believe in the project.

8 outta 9 cats are dogs and don't know nothing about nothing they just like to rub shoulders and chat shit so yeah, keep your ideas to yourself.

And stay away from this lame copycat 1% Melbourne art cult.

Where do you see the Naarm scene going over the next few years? Is there anything in particular you would like to see happen in the future?

To be honest I cant say I didn't involve myself at all in the scene, I've been really distant from live music lately and I think it will probably stay like that until the records out and I get back on stage.

Are there any artists, events, venues or crews, here or elsewhere, that have inspired your sound and what you deliver?

Straight up Tommy excellent who filmed Cathlic killa and the fisherman.

Having Tommy see the vision and believe in the project and see me as an artist and not a deadbeat talking about some gabber smack definitely help push the project.

And then there's outonbail & wtfleaf these two mfs are on another level for real there always on the move. The amount of content they put out while always pissing up blows my mind straight up modern day punks - There grind and work rate is inspiring.

Music wise would be cypress hill & Nasenbluten and anything bloody fist records Put out.

It's insane that one of the world's biggest hardstyle groups come from Newcastle, Australia

Raw fuck you attitude.

Them against the world make ya ears bleed type - very inspiring.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. But before you go, what’s next for Cobra Cane? Do you have a launch party, tours or other projects on the horizon?

My pleasure, right now i'm in Glasgow about to head to Rome link the Cobra Cane crew and record a second record.

I owe a lot to Luciano and landi definitely keen to link and sip a whisky.

I'm also in the process of recording a solo record under the name 13 COBRAZ it will be a different vibe all together hopefully out by the end of the year.

There's a few other projects I'm working on with some great artist but I'll keep that on the downlow for now.

I think I'll eventually link up with Tommy excellent and film some more music clips and I'm in the process of writing a short film, definitely busy times ahead. For the first time in years I'm healthy if I can stay soberish, I know I'll be able to achieve all of this.

No party this is just the start.

Artwork by Scarful

To keep up to date with Cobra Cane, you can find them on Instagram and Bandcamp here.

Interview by James Morgan