Biang Ah Mittui A Far Leh Thin // A Song by Davidmawia Chakchhuak

Davidmawia is an up and coming rapper and producer from Myanmar now living in Melbourne. FROCKUP is excited to share his new track Biang Ah Mittui A Far Leh Thin, loosely translated as Tears Come Out Sometimes. The track, and the well crafted video clip to go with it, prove that Davidmawia is one to watch in the music scene in the years to come. We chatted to him to find out more about his music and future goals.

Could you tell us a bit about your music?

This is about my music, the reason I chose that first track. When I first heard the track (Powfu's "Death Bed") I was so shocked, so emotional. That song means so much to me, I can feel it. That’s why I chose that track in the background.

What inspired you to create your work?

The people who try and put me down and are talking bad things about me, they give me energy. I don’t really care about what they say. Because it’s my life, its my choice. They give me strength and they give me power so I can make more music.

Does your work incorporate any traditional work from your country of origin?

Actually yes, I want to tell you something. We just finished a new song of mine, an original, recently. It’s a traditional tune, a love song. We just finished shooting and I’m just trying to finish the recording now. I love my traditional songs, I love them. Right now I have been a little busy, so I’ll try to get that out soon.

What's next for you? What are your plans for making more music?

Everyone has a dream. I have a dream too. Before I arrived here in Melbourne, in Australia I already made up my mind “If I go there, I'm going to perform in Australia’s got talent”. There’s my first plan I ever had. If I can perform there, my dream would be fulfilled. Because in our culture and community, nobody has ever done that. So I want to be the first person to do that. I want to promote my country and my religion. That’s why I want to perform. I also want to show what I’ve gotten from them to the world.