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Bandcamp Friday Selections - October // FROCKUP & Friends

It’s no secret that 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for all of us, where this indiscernible foe has wreaked unprecedented havoc across Australia and abroad. However, this suffering has not been uniform, with those in the music and arts industries being among those hit the hardest. Alas, the aim of this article is not to discuss the lack of support, but instead the simple yet effective ways we can all help our favourite bands, musicians, producers, DJs and artists make it through to the other side of 2020.

This brings us to Bandcamp Day, where today, Bandcamp is yet again waiving their service fees. In simple terms, this means ALL your money from EVERY purchase goes directly to both the label and the artist!! The team at FROCKUP, alongside artists we’ve worked with, curated a list of our favourite releases, primarily focusing on underrepresented groups in both Australia’s music scene and abroad. If you dig any of these tracks, please purchase them via the links below.

On top of this, here is a much more extended list of solely BIPOC artists and labels on Bandcamp. We acknowledge the incalculable impact black artists have had on music, and we stand in solidarity with those fighting against this systemic racism. We will continue to strive to use our platform to be a part of a desperately needed change.


Photo by Anindya Apsara & Edited by Alexa Satryo

Kink Yosev, Tacbo - Both Roofs at Once 

I went to the same secondary school with these boys. When I first heard this EP, I was blown away. What an awesome debut EP! Tracklist flows so seamlessly, everything is put together so well. Great lyrics as well. Classy Hip Hop coming at ya from the South of Jakarta! 

Komang - Dewi 

Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Beautiful narrative. I love when an artist discusses things like language, traditions and cultures in general. I think Komang is one of Naarm's most exciting acts right now. She reminds me of Solange. Great storytelling - makes everything more compelling and profound. Love, love, love. 

Gordon Koang - South Sudan 

This track is so lively - it spreads warmth and joy. This duo hails from the Upper Nile region of what is now South Sudan. After 5 years of, they were finally granted asylum in Naarm, Australia in which they call home now. So beautiful. I absolutely love when music becomes a reflective art form of the people. I think this is exactly it. 

DJ Tekneek

Holding Hands 013 - Slam Jams Vol.2

Holding Hands’ ‘Slam Jams Vol.2’ brings sum absolutely SLAMMIN jamz to the table. Expect wonky acid lines, dense subs, n a rapido dancefloor heater from Breaka to create the delightfully diverse release that is ‘Slam Jams Vol.2’. My favourite would have to be Outerbody Innerspace by Guava wit dem deep-sea diver acid feeeeellzzzzzzzz. Sum serious dank all in all by one of my favourite labels based out of London. United Diversity EP – Kommuna

Unified Diversity EP

Cum get ur serious UK bouncin bitz here from Kommuna! Barcelona based Kommuna brings dem UK flavourz right 2 ur front step (if u live in Spain ofc). With an ode to the 90s, UK rave bit ‘Ravestasy’ by Pekkuliar & Driahn sounds like its travelled thru time. Traditional ‘ravey’ stabs n sum acid wubz thrown in 4 good measure makes this breakbeat masterpiece well worth a spot in ur collecton. The B-side continues the UK journey with 2 bumpy 2-step stepperz by Crump and CMYK which will hav u constantly trying 2 keep dem shoulders stationary. My favourite of the release would be ‘Ravestasy’ by Pekkuliar & Driahn, those drumz don’t lie.

DJ Upstairs

Lou Karsh – Internally Vexed | Lifeforms EP | X-Kalay

Love this new EP from Lou Karsh on UK label X-Kalay. I’m a sucker for breaksy grooves combined with a little 303 which makes Internally Vexed the standout track.

Space Ghost – Time To Dance (Together Mix) | Time To Dance EP | Tartelet Recods

This whole EP is really fun and uplifting, It’s hard to pick a favorite. Time To Dance (Together Mix) has a really funky baseline and is the perfect summer tune to shake yo bootay to with friends.

Goiz – That’s Green | Greep EP | Open Space

This is the debut release from Open Space out of Miami, Florida. Nice percussive downtempo sounds. They tell me copies of OS002 will be available soon, along with some stylish new tee shirts.

Rosie Pavlovic

Photography by Riley Geary-Goodwin

Bellydance - 3 Days Man!

3 Days Man! - Bellydance is another artful reissue by the masters at Efficient Space, originally laid down in 1991 and re-released earlier this month. This was a close choice with Luz Bel by Bélver Yin, also reissued by ES.

Jennifer Loveless - Hard / Soft (continuous mix)

Hard/Soft - Jennifer Loveless, 20 minutes of sonic dreamscapes recorded by Canadian born Melbourne resident DJ Jen loveless.

Regularfantasy - Free Britney

Literally free Britney… I am SO convinced she is locked in her house by her controlling father…. He owns all her assets but soon she may get her chance to live her truth. Regularfantasy is bringing attention to the upcoming Britney freedom court case with these three remixes.

Whalen Smithers

Photography by @julianpertout

Emelexy - Action Adventure

Emelexy is delivering pure passion, all of this music comes directly from the heart. Emelexy takes a unique, DIY approach to producing music which results in tracks dripping with originality and an infectious urgency. Their recent release “Action Adventure” is all about the life of a secret agent. Played in its entirety this themed EP creates an immersive listening experience and showcases impressive production. Buy all of this music.

Beatnick Collective - Peer Pressure

“Peer Pressure” is a track off an upcoming release by Beatnick Collective. This an extremely talented Melbourne band who recruited a saxophonist from LA to lay down some pure magic. Give this song a download and keep an eye out for their EP “Collections” due for release later this year.


I love ‘em, you love ‘em! The boys next door: Mona Bay. A lovely local group of very cool and friendly individuals, multi-instrumentalists who always deliver a cracker of a live performance. Download everything they’ve got! 

Juicy Velour - New Coat / Reflex

Juicy Velour is a passionate and motivated local producer. “New Coat/Reflex” is a tasty piece of dubby break-beat released mid-lockdown via 56k Records. Juicy Velour has fingers in all sorts of pies around Melbourne, including the very notable Melt events. In my opinion this release is a great representation of a classic sound being explored at events in the melbourne underground. There is still limited stock available to score “New Coat/Reflex” on Cassette! 

Sean Ruse

Co. ver - Now That’s What I Call 90s Kids TV Nostalgia

These guys are two local musicians who have been making an Album a Week during lockdown. Yes, you heard that correctly, AN ALBUM A WEEK. They’ve been doing eerily impressive and diverse covers of everything from Dad Rock, Spielberg movie soundtracks and now, 90s Kids shows. They’re bloody talented, it’s a good amount of silly, and best of all every dollar goes to the “Stop Black Deaths In Custody” campaign by the National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Legal Service.

Mindy Meng Wang - An Improvisation Through Time and Space 穿越时光的即兴

Mindy Meng Wang is a Chinese / Australian composer and guzheng player, who’s newest EP has just dropped today! Released through Music in Exile (I’m sorry, I just can’t stay away), the EP is meditative and enthralling at the same time, simply a joy to listen to. It seeks to explore the space between the traditional and contemporary musical practices, and Mindy says that her vision is to create a strong voice for young female composers of Chinese heritage around the world.

DRMNGNOW (Prod. Dizz1)

A recent track by Yorta Yorta man DRMNGNOW. Having been prolific in the last year, DRMNGNOW’s new track Never Defeated is an unflinching look at the ongoing racial injustice and lasting effects of colonialism that continues both in Australia and abroad. He dedicates the track to “all Black/Blak lives that have been lost at the hands of Colonial Systems and Structures. May the time come that we shall not have to fight as we forced to in the now”. DRMNGNOW is a talented local musician that well deserves the support (can’t wait til we can see them live again too).

Joe Rogan Josh

Photography by Ivy Rose

LIMBS vol 2 - From Inside, Out

Awesome V/A from Sydney’s Moonshoe Records, featuring efforts from Gallery B, Roza Terenzi and Angus Mills among many others. My pick of em is Setwun’s “Real Rekkids”. Nice drummy thing with a bit of soul! 100% of the profits will be sent to Seed Mob, Indigenous youth climate network.

Behua Icara - Ritmos para SanarAmbeintish/percussive stuff from Behua Icara, whole thing is quality. Raising money Amazonian Shipibo Conibo communities in Ucayali, Perú. The project was formed through direct consultation with members of the Shipibo Conibo Xetebo community, who also contributed to some of the records.

James Morgan

Photography by Katherine Morgan

RBI - I Said Come Over Here

RBI is one of my favourite Naarm (Melbourne) based DJ/Producers/Clarinetists who easily negotiates a diverse selection of jungle, electro and industrial in her mixes. RBI recently released ‘Dissolving Clarinet Loops’ earlier last month; featuring 2 x 20-minute tracks centred around clarinet samples, further displaying her prowess as a producer. However, I chose last month’s release on Saucetraxx ‘I Said Come Over Here’, as it gets me so excited for when clubs open up again. Also 50% of profits go to the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency [N.A.A.J.A], an organization which provides legal services to Aboriginal people throughout the Northern Territory.

Allara - Murnong Farm

Allara is an amazingly talented Yorta Yorta musician, composer and filmmaker. In her track ‘Murnong Farm’, she combines double bass and spoken word poetry to reflect on the “displacement from my grandfather’s generation, from my mother’s generation and eventually to me.” Through writing, Allara “found peace in my current living situation through practicing sovereignty in the backyard of my current rental.”

Sadnoise - NI 00 D

I’ve had my eye on sadnoise for a while now and with each release the NYC based experimental electronic musician continues to develop his unique take on experimental ambient, noise and drone, through the manipulation of his impressive collection of analogue synths.

Edge Slayer - Club Pothos

Last but certainty not least is New Orleans' based Edge Slayer, with her track 'Club Pothos', taken from the DARK THOUGHTS EP. I just love the rhythmic nature of this track, it has so many interesting layers to it.

Art by Ivy Rose

Written by James Morgan

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