Aw Bawipa Cu A Tha Hrinhran // Song by Tial Din

Hello my name is Tial and I am 20 years old. I’m from Hakha, in Chin State, Myanmar. I have lived in Australia for 2 years with my parents, three brothers and three sisters. My family are musicians and we all like to sing. My father and brothers also write music. I really like singing, and it brings joy to my life. Most people are stressed out at times, I am also stressed sometimes too. Sometimes I think too much, and can’t sleep at night. My mind thinks too hard and doesn’t work. I sometimes think “What can I do that will be the best for my life?”. In these moments, I listen to music and start singing. After I do this I feel happy and I forget about my stress. Music is important for my life, it can be helpful for your life as well. When I sing songs, it reminds me how God is good. I mostly sing Christian songs, I don't sing love songs.

I sometimes sing in different languages, but I chose to sing this in Hakha Chin, my native language, because this is the first song that I'm showing.

When I started this project I didn’t know how to do it. But I like to try to do new things. So I continued and tried again and again, testing new things. In the future I plan to sing songs in some other languages I know, including Mizo, English and Burmese. This project has been good for my mind and my life. Because when I made this video and wrote down these words I felt very happy. It’s also very good for my English to try these things. Thank you, this is my song.