Agathe Bruyninckx // Photographer Interview

Agathe Bruyninckx (she/her) is a 35mm fashion photographer based out of Scotland. This collection of work features excerpts from multiple shoots; where her subject’s impassive expressions combine with neutral tones and carefully considered prop arrangements. FROCKUP had a chat to Agathe about her photographic process, how she's been travelling during lockdown and her plans to expand her work beyond her small Scottish university town.

"My work explores my relationship with both fashion and photography, which involves either the absence of/minimal use of colour or the playfulness of colour coding and coherence; plain, usually cityscape backdrops are preferred as I like establishing the contrast between the focus on a particular individual and the anonymity of a generic background." - Agathe

Hi Agathe, first of all thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us. How have you been travelling during the Coronavirus? Has the uncertainty of this year impacted your

photographic approach at all?

First and foremost, thank you for your interest! During the pandemic, I’ve mostly been at home in Belgium, but I have travelled back to Scotland where I study. My relationship with photography really grew over lockdown; before I was mostly shooting digital for events and the quarantine period really enabled me to reflect on how I could explore and develop my main interest in fashion photography, on film.

A lot of your photographs use interesting props and styling that create a very specific feel. What’s your process for shooting? Does this come about spontaneously, or do you have a certain vision of the aesthetic beforehand?

My process for shooting started out completely random, I would just improvise based on

what inspired me once I was with the person I was shooting. However, I wasn’t satisfied with

this approach, since it could be ‘hit or miss’ so I’ve spent more time thinking about my

aesthetic vision, the image and emotion I want each person to project beforehand.

Your Instagram has a very clear style; incorporating a soft, warm feel complemented by a

nostalgic tone. How long have you been photographing for and what are your major

influences in achieving this?

(If you count my pink Sony Cybershot its been since 2007) I’ve been photographing for fun

my whole teenage years, but I’ve only been developing my fashion photography for half a

year now and I have so much more to learn! For influences, I can’t say I have any at this

point in time; I’ve been so set on trying to develop my own image that I’m solely exploring

that aesthetic through clothing, make up and location ideas for the styling.

As a 35mm photographer, what’s your go to camera and film stock?

At the minute I’ve only been shooting on my Contax T3 and Portra 400, both of which I

absolutely love!

What’s next for you as a photographer?

I want to continue gaining experience in fashion photography and build my portfolio further;

I’m hoping to maybe take some courses in London next year, to maybe take my work

beyond my small Scottish university town!


Interview and words by Ivy Rose and James Morgan